5 Secrets to a High-paying Job

Over the years, it has become clear to me that there are certain techniques that enable you to rise above other job-seekers in the job market. I call these “secrets” because these techniques are unknown to the vast majority of people looking for a job. College career counselors are completely unaware of them. And other online courses are just trying to sell you rehashed information from blogs on the Internet.

To me, one of the biggest disservices people peddling “resume services” or job services or recruiting services or “resume services” can do is to try to feed you information they know doesn’t work, and charge you for it. The are essentially ripping you off in your job hunt so they can get some money in order to survive.

These services will tell you your resume is horrible, and charge you about $1,000 to “fix” your resume. What do these people know about getting a job? Very little, as most I’ve talked to don’t know these 5 secrets to finding a job you love that pays you what you are worth.

These secrets will allow you to transform yourself from someone who is “looking for a job,” someone who is one of the herd of cattle-like people an employer can pick from. You will transform yourself into that one in one hundred, even that one in one thousand men or women who has the exact skills the employer is looking for at the very moment. The employer will salivate when they receive your communication to them, because you demonstrate you have already accomplished things they are looking for.

Why be a beggar, having to take a low-paying job, when you can rise to the top and get a better salary? The better salary you have now, the better salary you can command in your next job, think about that.

So, another secret revolves around knowing what you want and what you don’t want. It’s called reticular activation, or some call it “the law of attraction.” I don’t believe in a bunch of mumbo-jumbo hocus-pocus ideas based on metaphysical ideas. This is based in reality in that you will be working with much more focus in your job search when you know what to avoid.

With the greater focus you will have, you can form a list of your dream companies. Where would you like to work? Would you like to work in Hawaii? Maybe in New York? How about in San Diego? Yes, maybe you don’t like New York, like I don’t like it, but hey, let’s get a job in a city you love.

Also, you are able to target companies that hold values similar to yours. How much happier will you be when you are with a company that values what you value. Maybe you want to work at a company that doesn’t pollute the world. Maybe a company that has great child care if you are starting a family. The options are many, and one of the 5 secrets helps make this possible, and makes it happen fast!

The secrets, once you know them, make finding a job fun. You will be in control. Follow this link to learn more. Start today! http://bit.ly/dreamjobcourse4