Get a job where you get stock options

Getting a great job is one of the fastest ways to move ahead in life.  The Dream Job Master course shows you how to get job offers over and over again.  With the power that is bred in this course, you will never again have to worry about getting a job.

Once you have the power to get any job you want, and to repeat the process, your confidence will be much greater. And with greater confidence you will be able to do a much better job. And as you do a better job, you should be taking on more responsibility. The more responsibility you take on, the larger your empire will become, and you will be able to supervise more people,   and command a higher salary.

If you want to leverage your efforts even more, think about choosing a company that you can work for that will make you an owner.  By owner in this case I mean they will give you stocks or stock options as a reward or as a part of your regular compensation.

One company,  called Genetech, gives its employees who work more than 20 hours a week what they call the Long Term Incentive Program. This program lets employees receive grants as part of the compensation they receive from the company. About 60% of your annual award will be received in stock- settled stock appreciation rights and the remaining third will be in restricted stock units. Even better, four years ago, almost all of the employees received these long-term incentive benefits which were awarded based on their performance.  This company also offers financial counseling sessions so that workers can learn how to take maximum advantage of their benefits.

Another company that you may have heard of, GoDaddy, is over 20 years old now.  Last year it was on Fortune Magazine’s 100 best companies list. This company offers employees non- qualified stock options.  The employees are allowed to begin trading their shares but a majority of them choose to keep their shares, obviously wanting to hold them for appreciation and then to sell them later. This website hosting company also has a stock purchase plan that will give you the opportunity buy and sell stock every 6 months at a discounted rate of 15%.

Stryker Company is another one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 best companies. It’s rank is 21.  The company is based in the United States in the state of Michigan and it is a medical technology company.  People that work there get stock options and restricted stock units apparently as awards in a way to attract and retain the best people. These gifts usually begin to be sell able after 12 months. This is a huge company with worldwide revenue of over 9 billion dollars and it also offers a stock purchase plan that lets employees buy shares at a discounted price.

Another well-known company, The Cheesecake Factory, ranked 98 on the Fortune list for best companies to work for. This company was one of the first restaurant companies that allowed people that were on the management team to buy shares of stock. the restaurant started in 1978 and employs many thousands of people.  Like the other companies I just mentioned, it uses stock options and restricted stock units as an incentive for people to stay on working for the company.

So, you see, if you play it smart in your job search you may be able to entertain an offer from one of these companies and since you will be contributing to the company at the management level, you will probably be able to take advantages of these amazing benefits. The first step is to get started with the dream job course and target these companies and start interviewing with them.