Is your job secure?

Over the past 5 decades, since the 1970s, we have seen jobs disappearing left and right. I remember when I was a teenager, that I planned to be an airline pilot. Those guys were making $120,000 in 1975. That was a lot of money back then. It still is a decent amount of money now, but pilots are getting paid a lot less than that now.

Remember when doctors usually ran their own practices, and pulled in over $200,000? Those days are gone for all but a few doctors. These days, most doctors work for companies, and get paid what the company pays them, they are employees. The HMOs began taking over in the 1980s, and I took an HMO option at the company I worked at because it cost a few dollars less per month, and I did not mind having a choice of 4 doctors vs. choosing from 50 or more private practitioners.

Then with the globalization of the economy started happening, many jobs left the United States. I’m sure you know that many of the jobs like customer phone service have gone overseas.

So if you want to find a great job in the United States, realize that it probably will not be a manufacturing job. Focus on finding great employment in the computer industry and in the software industry and in the financial services industry.  Looking for a great job in the steel industry in the Rust Belt? Forget it. some people online will tell you to follow your passion but I remember somebody on a TV show saying that a business that does not make money is a sin.

That was a fairly strong statement but it highlights the fact that you have to focus on providing service to someone. As an employee you need to provide value to your company. So my find a job course that I put together shows you when you’re looking for employment that you need to show the interviewer how you can contribute value to the company.  Again, the dream job course shows you how to do just that.

To get a job you have to be smarter than the average person. You need to focus on industries that are growing and that are willing to give people a job. Further if you need to realize that your job may not be as secure as you thought even if you do have a job right now. This underscores the statement that you would be smart to take the dream job course to learn how to effectively find a job you know you think your employment is secure.

How much money do you have saved up and how long can you go if you’re unemployed and looking for a job? Take your time and think about how many companies have gone through mergers or have been bought and they cut anywhere from 10% to 40% of the workforce. I remember when the Aerospace industry cut back after the Russians declared peace.

There were thousands upon thousands of unemployed job seekers trying to find employment. Any of them who might have been good Engineers really had no idea how to get a job. If you want to learn how to get a job, then this course can show you how. I remember reading books on how to get a job, you find your passion and things like that. Book that “teach” that are total hogwash and b*******.

They totally leave out what your skills are. And if you want to find a great job you need to know what your skills are. The problem with many of those books is that they ask you to do a self evaluation of your skills that you can use for employment to find a job. And why at all why would you be good at assessing what skills you have?

Sure you can take some Myers-Briggs test that can tell you that you’re intuitive and thinking and things like that, but that doesn’t have anything at all to do with having an entrepreneurial personality if you’re seeking a job or if you’re moving to a new location and you need to find a great job fast.

What you need is a list of accomplishments that show how you improved things or expanded the company and its sales or its production. Whatever you can show as far as accomplishments when you’re applying for a job increases your chances of finding a job.

So back to the security of the marketplace. Look at how things have shifted from our country, the United States to third world countries. Do you think those jobs are coming back? I know they are not ever coming back.

So when you say to yourself, “I want to find a great job.” or “I need to get out of a dead-end job” or “I need a job so I can earn more pay.” don’t think about getting a job in manufacturing unless you’re a computer genius and knows how to run robots.

Play the odds and get a job in a service industry because the United States has become a service industry. The Dream Job course that we sell on this website is perfectly suited to help you get a great job fast.